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What's In Female Shape-Up?

  • Full weekly nutrition guidelines
  • Weekly Shopping lists
  • 2 Healthy eating cookbooks
  • Sample meal plans
  • Meat and vegetarian options
  • 6 new workouts each week
  • Beginner and advanced options
  • At home or in gym options
  • Short 20 minute workout options for busy moms or ladies with a hectic lifestyle
  • New exercise technique guides that help you really tackle your stubborn areas
  • Simple 5-minute exercise routine to double your flexibility
  • 24/7 access to a private Facebook group with us and all of the participants
  • Daily support and accountability from three high level coaches that have trained hundreds of fitness girls
  • Motivational content posted daily to keep you in the zone
  • Lifestyle coaching to help you kick old habits and form new positive ones
  • Every question you have fully answered

Why the Female Shape-Up?

  • A real LIVE coach available to you answering YOUR personal questions and making customizations for YOU.
  • Adaptations to make the program suit your lifestyle.
  • 24-hour support.
  • LIVE Facebook group
  • 100s of meal options.
  • Flexible, easy-to-prepare meal options including many <5-minute options. No excuses!
  • New weekly training programs
  • Different training programs for beginners and advanced members.

Are you sick and tired of no results and motivation? Imagine being part of a group of you and 49 other motivated ladies that shared the same goals in life. Imagine having all your struggles and frustrations when it comes to getting the body you most desire removed and instead be handed a week by week, step by step fool proof and ENJOYABLE plan.

Plus you'll get not 2 but 3 cookbooks!

As Fitness Girls we understand that eating healthy is one of the most difficult parts of living a healthy lifestyle and achieving your fitness girl body. Therefore with this program we have included 3 healthy eating cookbooks with a total of over 250 delicious recipes.

These cookbooks are sold separately for $47 each, and the third one has not even been released yet. You will get ALL 3 included in this program to help you make delicious 5-minute meals that will help you reach your dream body goals faster.




Immediately after registering you will receive a receipt from Paypal. Then the Thursday before we start you will receive and email with the link to the private Facebook group where all of the content will be located. This will allow you a few days before we start to get fully prepared and allow you to fully understand what exactly you want to get out of the programme.


Sabrina’s transformation

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Tara's transformation

“Then came The Fitness Girls Guide. So I decided to follow this. The information was phenomenal and the plan was so easy to follow. So I started. It felt strange not having a car laden beakfast such as cereal or toast. I had changed to lean steak with broccoli. The meals were so simple to prepare and it got me in the habit of being so organised and prepping all my meals in advance. This stopped me reaching for the bad foods if I was hungry.

I would just snack on veg sticks etc. My energy levels went through the roof which enables me to really push myself with my training. I do CrossFit so I really exhausted my body. I learned when the bed time was to eat certain foods and what foods helped my body recover. I’ve The Fitness Girls Guide coaches where always on hand to answer questions and the knowledge I found was immense. They are like a walking exclyopedia!! I soon started to notice my body was changing and the stubborn fat I had was beginning to decrease revealing the stomach muscles I had always wanted. Without Fitness Girls coaches I most certainly wouldn’t be as fit and healthy in mind and body as I am now. Thank you. You are amazing and I hope others will benefit from your help and support that you gave me. ”

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